Activities in Amsterdam - Day One


Well we arrived and spent the whole day wandering around the city. Its a fantastic city and everyone is very friendly.... especially the girls in the windows!!!!!

Near the end of the day we staggered back to the hotel and tried not to fall asleep! Whilst we were doing that Paul was browsing through the in-room literature about resturants in the area etc. and came across one called the Supper Club. Sounded funky. Synposis I hear you ask... well...

"If you're looking for a scene, you've found one. Enter the theatrical, all-white room, snuggle up on the enoroumous mattereses and soft pillows (have to take your shoes off first though!) and snakc on platters of food, 5-courses, as DJ's spin platters of house music, then head upstairs later to dance" Yep, thats what is was like, including the performance artist, and masseur - two of just had one... yes, in the resturant, on the matteress, and before you think anything smutty, with our clothes on! It was a fun night!

Some pics.... well I'm glad you asked. On the matteress

Performance artist - dont ask me what he was doing - it was weird

Then he took the veil off, wrapped himself in plastic, then he hid under a robe for about 15-20min. Then out he came again....

Then... yes there is more... he launches off the blacony in acrobatic gear and swing s around bouncing off the walls and tumbling etc!

Some other people have been following nights - as news of the adventure spread... and all I can say was that our night was obviously the tame night!

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  1. i guess some people do anything for attention--bouncing off walls is going a little far perhaps!!!!

  2. Chris and Kevin18 June, 2006 16:23

    Let's see.. first class pyjamas, red light district, beds, men wrapped in glad wrap...

    Could have stayed in Menora for that!


  3. let's nightie, working out light switch use, knocking down walls and not a man in sight......mmmmmmmm

    where am I?.... oh yes PERTH!


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