The momument....


Now I didn't realise that even with Anne Frank's house and all the issues with that, that gay issues had reached Amsterdam in the war. Enter Homomonument - Behind the Westerkerk is this cluster of three 10m x 10m x10m triangles, embedded in the gound and stranddling the narrow street. Made from pink granite (the pink triangle being the design of the path the Nazis forced gay men to wear, these simple but evocative triangle were designed by Dutch artict Karin Daan to convery past persecution of gays and lesbians while progjecting hope for the future. The triangle here going over the water was placed where the jetty that they loaded gays and lesbians onto boats before being shipped to concentration camps.

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  1. Trust you to find this!!
    Well done. NWF

  2. Poignant and beautiful celebration in sculpture, rarely achieved in this medium.


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