Masculine, Power, Beauty ... and nice guys too!


Ok, as always I confess I'm a Cirque fan. However those of you who have known me a while would also know that a number of years ago I studied a photography course on-line and was blown away by the episodes featuring international photographer Greg Gorman and the stars of the Cirque du Soleil show Varekai, Andrew and Kevin Atherton - also known as the Atherton Twins. The images that Greg and the lads created during their photo session are absolutely amazing! Greg is one of my all-time favourite portrait photographers and the lads and him have a created powerful imagery of masculine power and beauty. If anyone wants to get me a signed print of these for a birthday or Xmas pressie I wouldn't say no!

Anyway the guys and the show.... The guys are absolutely spectacular in the Varekai show... mind blowing. Their strength, agility, style and grace are impressive. Costuming is spectacular and enhances their act. Well done guys!

Again I encourage those who have not seen the show to go.

Also I was very fortunate to catch up with Andi and Kev for a coffee - and can let you all know that these guys are great. They are really nice, humble, dedicated to their craft and ... well they are great guys, and it was a pleasure to send some time with them over a coffee.

Oh and I think that is Andi on top, Kev on the bottom, in the show program shot above... tho I will have to check.

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  2. Saw the show the other night... awesome and the boys where great!


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