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Ok, yes, again, I confess we are fans! We have been back to see Varekai, but this time from a different perspective. We were very generously hosted by Kev and Andi Atherton. We got to see the show again, this time from backstage and the orchestra pit. The cast we met made us feel very welcome, and it was a great show as always. If you haven't seen it yet do yourself a favour and GO SEE IT!

A few quick thank you's.

Thank you to Raphaél, Chef D'Orchestre extraordinaire and his merry band of musicians. Raphaél looked after us very well. And he's a talented jazz player too! He played a few little pieces before the show started, often with Paul and Vuk joining in. Those guys know how to have a good time! And the quality of the music is very impressive. You don't get to see the orchestra much from the audience, but boy, these guys make the show something special and are exceptionally talented. Oh and Brigette, well she also made saw we were hooded up at the right times, and she's a little minx.... she has a special little dance she does when no-one was looking! The rest of the cast should keep an eye out for that!

We also had an opportunity to chat Paul and Javier at the intermission - nice guys. We also chatted with Leysan, though we didn't see her act last night, the aerial hoop. So we have another excuse to come back and see the show :~)

And finally, our hosts Kev and Andi, thank you for the opportunity to be Visitors to the show and thank you for a great performance last night. It was great experience to see, met some of the cast as well, and see where it all comes together! Now its our turn to return the hospitality :D

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