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We enjoyed a long day out driving around ... err no, we didn't drive, Adi our driver did! Anyone who has been to Bali knows that it takes a special skill, talent and fearless determination to drive on these streets!

Anyway we travelled about 10 hours had a great time and saw some great parts of the island. Still haven't got to the North or West parts of the island yet.

On the way back to Ubud (up in the moutains) we stopped at a very popular spot where the padi fields are just great. I have a panorama coming. Anyway whilst we are taking pictures of the scenery (and of each other) Paul gets hassled by one of the locals. She was incredibly persistent! End result, Paul laughing his head off and relinquishes and buys some very nice clothes.

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  1. whooo hooooo - bags I the "tasteful" blue number!!!

  2. Envy plus.... Suzy, you can have the blue number, I want the thing on the tripod, er, paul can still have the one hanging off the tripod!


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