2011 Nikon AIPP The Event: Day One


I know, I know... going in back in time out of sequence, oh well, consider it arty! :D

Ok, a brief overview of the AIPP annual conference, particularly for people I know who either dont know about the conference, or want to know about how I was moved/motivated by the speakers. 

Day One, was a gentle start.  Thank goodness.   Only two workshops for the day.  The first one was very very motivating.  Given by Glen Gibson, who offered to step in for an overseas speaker that at the last moment was unable to make it.  Anyway, Glen has an agency called Bluefish which is a visual communications agency.  Glen started his career in photography and has grown his imagery and communication skills and agency.  Anyways... an AWESOME guy, very genuine, and very willing to share his experience and knowledge.  His specialist area, car photography.  He spoke about that and the growth of CGI/CGA and advertising. Awesome. Made me think about the fine art applications for the work. Check out some of his work! 

Also spent some time talking with Glen at the cocktail party later in the day.  Very nice guy. 

Next on the agenda was Sue Bryce.  An amazing woman, with a unique style to portrait photography, particularly focusing on women.  She was funny, inspiring, creative and curvey ;-)  (in-conference joke)
She, like Glen, is highl award and accomplished.  Have a look at her work at http://suebryce.com/
What did I get out of listening to her...crap... so much good stuff... have to check my notes...oh, and a plug for Upad on the iPad, got HEAPS of questions about the app I was scribling notes on at the conference.   Ah, yes, putting the glamour back into glamour photography.  Learnt a lot about valuing your work (if its good enough), also posing women, and about developing and adding to your community.  Anyhoo... wicked portrait photographer!

Next was a talk by Hilary Wardhaugh, on her exhibition, "Die like a dog", which was about a her journey documenting a friend of hers who had head/neck cancer.  It was a very personal and profound talk and I got what a profound difference photography makes in you lives.  Though I suspect that other people got different things out of it.  Highly recommend that if you get a chance to see this exhibition that you do, particularly if Hilary is talking about it.  It was profound, moving, and touching.  Oh, and dont be put off by the title.

Next, with a quick change, was off to the National Wine Centre, for the offical welcome and cocktail party.  Here as I mentioned where I spent a great evening talking to Andris Apse, Glen Gibson and Julie Kimpton.  Three awesome people.

Crap... boarding call... on the plane.   Later!

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