Photowalk scouting VIII: French tickler


OK, that was a cheap attempt to grab your attention... hehehe... but it made me giggle.  Thank you to those of you who offered suggestions to rename 'Hole in the wall'.  I think Nic wins on his suggestion, and no, I can't repeat it!  hahaha....  *blush*

This one is a shot not of a French tickler, but of a grevillia, pink and cream.  Again, this was captured whilst I was scouting around for great locations for my photowalk buddies.  It often surprises me that in my normal daily mode I probably pass hundreds of similar photographic opportunities, not once noting they are there.  However in photographic mode I see this options pop up before me.

Now those of you who have met me know that I have at least one camera on me at all times.... often more.  My challenge for this week, is to look and see!


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