BlueBlack I


BlueBlack I

Solitary walk in Mandurah.  About an hours drive from Perth, on the coast, walking around the estuary.  I come across this magical blueblack liquid metal before me.  I spend about 30min just watching the patterns swirl, form, change, alternate, reform, dissolve and recreate.  I'm mesmerised. People walk past and wonder what I'm looking at.  Looking into the water, they fail to see it.  The missed beauty of this moment evolving in magical forms.

It takes me a while, but then I remember I am holding this huge camera.  I bring the camera tentatively to my eye, almost with a sense of despair that the forms will stop at any moment or for some technical reason they wont be able to be captured, these beautiful forms.  Fleeting unrepeatable moments.

Everything on manual including the focus, dial the exposure, twist the barrel, press the shutter in quick succession.  Now not brave enough to look until I get home.


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