City Series II || Opal Mosaic


This photograph intrigues me. The combination of colour, intensity and form reminds me of the combination of blueish Opals, and mosaic tiles. I'm very intrigued as to whether you like this one or not.  Interestingly I haven't been able to pick 100% what you, my friends, like in this series, and by that I mean how many people stop,view and like it.

I  love the high degree of complexity in this images, that demonstrate both a high degree of order, as well as chaotic organic-like forms.

I dont often talk about what I see or what captured me to talk the photograph but this time I wanted to let you know what I saw or rather what intrigued me.   The first thing that I noticed was the highly structured black window frames contrasted by the horizon light blue/purple windows.  Next I loved both the complex reflection pattern that looked in some panes as highly structured and regular next to organic like curved reflections, with different strips of horizontal colour.

For me, I seek or rather experience photographs or get drawn to them, often I'm not sure why, its more an intuition or feeling I get about them.

Anyways enough prattling.  I hope you like this image.  Enjoy.

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