Iridescent Blue


Some of you have asked about this photograph and what I can tell you... this one is a photograph II took in Bali, and have done some advanced colour remapping. So the photograph is a of some of the sparkly beach sand in Bali, that has a high amount of quartz and mica, which looks sparkly. On the west coast of Bali the beach sand is a yellow/orange colour with sparkly volcanic/mica sand (its not like the white powder sand beaches in Perth).

So here I have attempted to take the sparkly/iridescent material and remapped the colours to the green, and the yellow and golden colours to blue, To me this combination forces you to look more at the abstracted forms and totally removes the subject matters cues ie it doesn't look like beach sand, and get me to look and think about the colours and forms and where these could be in nature.

For me, the colour combination is very exotic and the form totally beguiling. It demonstrates for me where we see nature's patterns in different scale proportion i.e. this photograph looks like an underwater deep ocean floor scan, and not the tidal zone sand it is.

Anyways there you go, a little peek behind the curtain to get a sense of what and why. :D

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