... a bit of an exciting update...


Firstly, yes I know... the blog has been a bit quiet in the last couple of weeks.   My apologies, needed a bit a break with the lead up to Christmas and a lot of things happening.  So before I forget, seasons greetings, and best wishes for the new year.

Now those of you who are on my Twitter and Facebook know that I mentioned something about a bit of an exciting update today.  Well... here's the first surprise... its actually two updates.  Well, ok, one update about to major projects I've been working on.

The first project has been about 1.5 years in the making, and before I tell you anything about it, a BIG thank you to GG, who, without his constant support, encouragement, guidance, pushing and vision, this project wouldn't have happened for me.  He has done so much for my photography and artistic career, and that is even before this project I will never be able to thank him enough.   A HUGE thanks to you Gary!  Your one of a kind!  The project, well, I have been asked to participate in the provision of over a couple of hundred  large and extra large photographs as fine art pieces for a new premium hotel and complex in Abu Dharbi.   Contracts and all that stuff have all been executed and production of the photographs are now underway in earnest.  This is a huge project for me with an incredible learning curve.  Large scale production, multi system colour management, fine art security device mechanisms, contracting, international freighting etc.  Anyways I'm definitely not complaining ... in fact I am just so nervous, excited, humbled, excited, stunned, excited...well you get the image!  Some of the pieces selected include a number of my signature pieces including my all time favourite...

I can't wait to see this up in the hotel!  So standby, I'll do some photographs of the pieces once they are installed.

The next project is still a little bit of a secret, so I wont be going into too much detail at this stage.  I was asked by some great guys (Dutchy, Renners, Gollo, and the General) to participate in a major national photographic project and fund-raising for a very worthy cause.  The project is underway at the moment and we have been shooting for a couple of months, with a couple more months to go at this stage.  Its a great project to be involved in and one that is creatively and technically challenging for me.  So again, I'm getting more out of it than I ever expected and meeting some fantastic people as well.  More details on this one as the project continues.

So, thats the news at the moment, oh, of course, I still have my numerous personal projects, photowalks, and portrait client work as well on top of all that.  So looks like 2011 is going to be a busy year!!  Better get off here and back to editing!!


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  1. Congrats Kings, Thrilled for you and looking forward to seeing the finished products. xx

  2. Thanks Trisha :D soo excited and overwhelmed at the same time!

  3. Great great news Kings - well deserved recognition for you. I couldn't be prouder of you. xoxox Susie

  4. I feel privileged to have known first :) and to be assisting with the second project! cant wait to get back into it & learn more from you. Well done your work is amazing!

  5. Huge congrats, ditto what Susie already said, so true. Sending all my positive energy in '11. Work might not be able to afford you soon!!!! mjb

  6. Thanks Nat... your work is exceptional already! :D


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