Interview with me on RAW/Tristan Jud Photography


I was recently humble to be asked to do an interview about my journey in photography by local photographer Tristan Jud.  It was a huge blast as I hadn't done anything like this before, but also very enjoyable at the same time.  My aim was that I wanted to let upcoming pro photographers know that there are lots of different was we can get to becoming a professional, and also if there was a chance for me to do it all over again what would be some of the things I wish I knew now.

Anyway a big blast... and this was how Tristan introduced me....

"You can meet some amazing people on the Internet. Kingsley lives in Perth, he takes amazing fine art photographs and portraits, not to mention he is always up for giving good solid advice to people who ask. Check out his work and connect with him on his various social networks. "

Thank you very much Tristan... would be a blast to do it again sometime... oh and thank you for the very kind words. 

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