I was born in London, England, grew up in Malaysia, immigrated to Australia and have visited all the states and Territories in Australia.  I have worked in London and Australia.  From an early age, I have always been fascinated by the visual arts, and after a happy accident in art class in my youth resulted in me spending my time exploring photography and developing my craft in the photographic arts. 

Through university and my early career, I left film photography and became immediately drawn to digital media production.  With the development and quality gains of digital photography, I renewed my love and passion for this complex art form.  I now express my passion for the medium using a combination of techniques learnt from both traditional film and digital platforms.  My aim, to create verve in colour and form, and to help you see the beauty around us from the mundane to the exotic.

I am an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and Australian Commercial and Media Photographers. I am a Master with The Arcanum focusing on photographic mentoring, education and development.  Artistically  I specialise in fine art photography, commercial and so men's portraiture.  I also work as a Health Executive for the Department of Health of Western Australia where I specialise in clinical change and reform.  I have the most amazing partner Paul, and this year we will be celebrating 32 years together, and we get to travel around the world on our photographic adventures. 

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